Who We Are

Serenity Lodge is a bridge between treatment and independence for young males in recovery. Located in beautiful Northeastern, PA, Serenity Lodge is a safe haven on the road to a successful life in recovery.


Serenity Lodge aims to make admission as simple as possible.  Our dedicated staff is available to help your family navigate this process.

How It Works

The young males at Serenity will be met with care and compassion from our staff.  Serenity offers plans for all levels of education, including high school, college, and or trade school. At Serenity we help facilitate connections with teams of experienced psychiatrists and therapists.  

Welcome to

Serenity Lodge

Serenity Lodge, located in Northeastern, PA, is a transitional housing facility for males in Substance Use Recovery.

What sets Serenity Lodge apart from other transitional housing facilities, is that all staff members are successful alumni of Serenity Lodge and will be there to help the residents along the way. Serenity Lodge welcomes males of all ages, specifically, adolescent & young adults. Our residents ages range from 14 and up.

We are happy to bridge the gap between standard treatment facilities and independent living for young men. We help encourage our “lodgees” that they are able to live a successful, independent life in recovery.

If you believe Serenity Lodge is what you or your loved one needs, we are ready to go on life’s journey with you.


Sober Living for Men

A safe, supportive environment, life-changing environment

Our special programs allow people in all phases of recovery to discover their potential and thrive.

Serenity Lodge offers Sober Living for Men, but in reality, we offer so much more. We offer a supportive environment that encourages group engagement, education, sober recovery and living. We are a transitional facility building a bridge to a better life and more positive relationships. Overcoming challenges one step at a time is a way of life at Serenity Lodge.