Challenges abound in life and knowing how to effectively overcome the obstacles is an important step in your recovery at Serenity Lodge.

Our staff understands the importance of coaching and expressing what it means to practice the principles of the 12 steps in daily living.

The first step to sober recovery is often the biggest one for family members. They can either call for admissions or fill out the form on our site.

We engage in phone interviews with both prospective residents and families to ensure our facility will be able to meet the requirements of all involved. The staff at Serenity Lodge wants to make certain that our program offers the best potential for the resident to begin recovery and for families to reap the benefits of sober living.

Our goal is to make the transition to sober living as easy as possible for potential residents and family members. The admissions process is simple, yet comfortable.

Alternatively, we do have residents that come directly from treatment. The same process is followed, as we want residents who have been referred to us to stay on the right path. We continually involve families, as we believe it is important for all to find peace in recovery.

We encourage staff involvement, group activities and coaching from day one. If referred by a treatment center, Serenity Lodge will coordinate transportation with the treatment center to make it easier for residents and families.