Our rural NEPA community is vital to Serenity Lodge as it helps us to foster an atmosphere of positivity on the road to recovery.

Education and group activities are essential to the overall success of our residents. Like our staff, we want them to become successful alumni.

Our residents learn and practice the principles of the 12 steps in daily living. These are principles that our residents will carry with them once they leave as we understand that sober living and recovery is a lifelong process.

Our guidance sets them on the right path to be able to meet any challenges and withstand any pressures they may face. We offer a support system where men are encouraged to share their insecurities and fears as they battle sobriety and embrace sober living.

Although a halfway house, we offer so much more including staff supervised recreation, educational opportunities and group coaching.

It is important that our residents don’t feel exiled from community and family members during their recovery. Rather, we feel it is important for them to keep positive lines of communication open and give them a chance to be among their peers when they attend school sessions.

Serenity Lodge will continually offer a supportive environment that encourages engagement, education, sober recovery and living.