If you are living with someone who is in need of recovery, we understand your pain and concern.

Sometimes the first step for these men is often the hardest.

If you are a mom or a wife, your struggles are real and sometimes you just can’t bear the weight of sober recovery on your own. Our staff understands the importance of coaching and expressing what it means to practice the principles of the 12 steps in daily living.

Serenity Lodge is a men’s alcohol recovery center. We are committed to helping men to live s sober life so they can reach their highest potential and be strong, contributing members of their own families. We know the importance of a man’s role in a family and society. As an influencer, we encourage our residents to be good fathers, uncles, sons, friends, peers and positive role models. The staff at Serenity Lodge plays a big part in recovery, but so do family and friends. Your encouragement will allow them to succeed after their stay in the center.

Serenity Lodges offers a bridge between treatment and independence for men and our goal is for men to discover sober living and reconnect with parents, family and friends in a healthy and loving way.