The journey to sober living is difficult and very serious, but we understand the mental and physical components of overall wellness. We encourage our residents to exercise both body and mind.

The path to recovery is often winding, but as a release to our residents we offer staff supervised recreation. Residents are invited to engage in group activities.

To keep our residents in peak mental and physical form, we have a gym where they are able to utilize weight or cardio machines. They could participate in a game of basketball or volleyball, where team building, friendly competition and physical exercise are all practiced. They can enjoy hiking and along the way find inner peace and discover stamina. Residents are able to find beauty in nature when they go fishing in the creek. The challenge of fishing helps to build patience.

Additionally, our residents can go off-site to further enjoy some recreational activities. There is an 18-hole golf course located next door and is within walking distance. We also provide travel to Lackawanna State Park and Elk Mountain Ski Resort. They are only 10 minutes away. In the summer our residents can enjoy swimming and in the winter can partake in snowboarding and skiing activities.

All of the group activities are specifically designed to facilitate sober recovery.